This property is in South Pasadena. Sometimes just walking the property and evaluating basic amenities can make a positive difference. The Jireh Group took a cell phone picture and text'd the owner offering a suggestion for an improvement. The owner cares about their clients and made the purchase. We met the owner at the property, removed the furniture from their SUV and put them in place ;)

This property in Monrovia was due for a rehab ! The floor plan was obsolete, and the flooring, kitchen and bathrooms were outdated. The owner worked with his long-time contractor and invested in these improvements. Enjoy these pictures of the improvements. Rent went from $1,300 to $1,675 in two months !

This property in North Pasadena had a tenant living there for over 20 years. The owner asked me to manage the property, and once the tenant moved the owner contact several service providers and rehabed this home at an affordable price. Total rehab cost $5,200. Rent went from $1,000 per month to $1,900 per month within 2 months ! Check out these improvements :

Beautiful duplex in Los Angeles that received an extensive remodel.

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Here is a home in San Gabriel that previously had a long term tenant. Below are some of the pictures regarding the project. The Jireh Group took pictures with their smart phone and sent to the owner on a daily basis, to keep communication strong. The rent from $1,350 prior to remodeling, to $2,100 immediately after !!

During the rehab, once they got into the wall of the kitchen, they found this gas pipe. See the pin hole in the pipe ? This would cause a gas leak. 

Thank God we found this ... all the expense of the rehab could have been for nothing, not to mention the health and safety issue.